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User Management The InfoManager is a simple software application for organizations to manage user data information and user fingerprint templates.Verify Identity Easily With the InfoManager, you can have a basic station for you to verify your staff’s identity for high security procedures (eg: collection of paycheck or pettycash).
Mifare Enrolling Station With a Mifare Card Writer, create the perfect Mifare enrolling station for offices using FingerTec Mifare devices. Also, use the InfoManager to erase, edit and troubleshoot Mifare Cards.Simple Installation With just 2 simple components to install, the InfoManager is easy to setup, use, and manage.
Windows Compatible The InfoManager is compatible and can be used with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.User Friendly The InfoManager is simple and straightforward. With only basic key features for you to use, the program is easy to understand and navigate.
A Solution at No Cost! FingerTec InfoManager is free and can be obtained online on our resources page, and is also packaged with each Mifare Card Writer and OFIS Scanner.Seamless Integration The infoManager is designed to seamlessly integrate with FingerTec OFIS-X and OFIS-Y scanner, as well as FingerTec Mifare Card Writer.
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Ingress Key Features

Integrated with Ingress Door Access System
 Assign access control permission to visitors
 Link third party security solutions such as CCTV and alarm for a comprehensive access system
 Database is host under Ingress MySQL/MS Access database (client/server)
Generated Important Reports, lterable by selected elds
 Visitor Profile Report Lists down all current and previous visitors in the system
 Blacklisted Visitor Report Provides information about all blacklisted visitors of the company
 Current Status of Visitor Report Presents the list of all current visitors that are still present in the premise
 Prebooked/Reserved Visitor Report Displays visitor requests to visit through web application but haven’t checked in
 Total Visitors Report Lists down quantity of visitors based on a specied date range
Online guides and manual available
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