Software & SDK

System developers are full of ideas to make the most of FingerTec readers to suit to more applications for diversified market. Some may want to incorporate the “human touch” feature by enhancing their existing solutions to integrate with FingerTec readers to promote their niche. FingerTec BioBridge SDK comes with DLL and ActiveX formats and currently supports Windows 9x/2000/NT platforms. It works well on many development environments including of Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi 7.0, Visual C++, Microsoft.Net and etc. The FingerTec BioBridge SDK 2.0 is a powerful tool that bridged any system with readers. The SDK is well engineered to smooth system integration, and it is only days away for system developers to seamlessly integrate all series of FingerTec readers into their system for a perfect solution!
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Ability to connect all FingerTec fingerprint readers with one single ActiveX component.
Ability to make full use of FingerTec readers
Device control management/operation
General data management
User information management
User fingerprint management
Timezone group management
Backup data management
USB flash disk management
BioBridge SDK currently supports Windows platform; for development purpose sample source codes in Delphi 7.0 is provided. The use of DLL and ActiveX components are demonstrated using BioBridge SDK sample program. Well-written complete documentations are provided for reference.
1.Connect_TCPIP()14.ReadAllUserInfo(), GetAllUserInfo()27.ReadGeneralLog(), GetGeneralLog()
3.Disconnect(), GetSDKVersion(), GetFirmwareVersion()16.DeleteUserTemplate()29.ClearAllData()
4.EnableDevice(), DisableDevice()17.GetUserGroup()30.ClearAdministrator()
7.SetDeviceTimeLocal()20.SetUserTimezone()33.ReadUserFile(), GetUserFileData()
8.SetDeviceCommKey()21.GetGroupTimezone()34.PutUserFileData(), WriteUserFile()
9.UnlockDoor()22.SetGroupTimezone()35.ReadTemplateFile(), GetTemplateFileData()
10.GetUserInfo()23.GetTimezoneInfo()36.PutTemplateFileData(), WriteTemplateFile()
11.SetUserInfo()24.GetTimezoneInfo()37.GetSMS(), SetSMS()
12.GetUserTemplate()25.GetUnlockGroup()38ConvertFPToFT(), ConvertFPToOFIS()
 Important Notes:
This SDK is not meant for sale. The SDK will only be provided to system developers who intend to integrate their solutions with FingerTec readers. Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement is required to obtain the SDK. Email to for more information.